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Conservative Coalition Pushes Campaign to ‘Fire Paul Ryan’ after Ousting Kevin McCarthy from the Speaker's Race
Washington, DC – The coalition of conservatives and conservative organizations that recently forced Rep. Kevin McCarthy to forsake his pursuit of the the top post in the United States House today launched a campaign opposing Rep. Paul Ryan.

"Paul Ryan is undeserving of the Speakership," says Fire Paul Ryan organizer and Chairman of Constitutional Rights PAC 
Larry Ward  "We fought Rep. McCarthy's race to lead the House because of his compromises, and we aren't going to turn a blind eye toward's Ryan, despite the fact that he presents himself as a conservative."

The coalition's website,, urges Americans to pledge to "Fire Paul Ryan" should he become the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and, like the Fire McCarthy project, focuses on Ryan's poor reception among conservatives.

“Just like John Boehner and his deputy Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan scores terribly with conservatives,” says, adding:

• Heritage Action scores Ryan at an awful 55
• Conservative Review assigned him an F-rating at 58
• The New American's Freedom Index also scores him at a low 58 

Coalition member and former U.S. Congressman Paul Broun (R-Ga.) believes that Paul Ryan will continue the failed policies of John Boehner to the detriment of the American people.  

"I like Paul Ryan personally, but I believe that if he were to be elected Speaker we will see a continuation of Boehner policies," Broun says. "We must elect a Speaker that will stand-up to Obama and his radical policies that are hurting all Americans, especially the poor and senior citizens on limited incomes. We have to have leadership that is strong and truly conservative."

Like Broun, former U.S. Senate candidate Col. Rob Maness (Ret) argues that this country "needs a speaker of the house that will support a strategy based on conservative principles and winning ideas – not a speaker that will support party principles and losing ideas.”

After personally taking the pledge to Fire Paul Ryan, conservative candidate for Congress Kay Daly is now challenging her opponent, Rep. Renee Ellmers (RINO-NC2), to join the coalition and oppose Ryan as Speaker.

“Paul Ryan would be the most liberal, pro-union, Republican Speaker in history," says Daly. "He is one of only ten remaining House Republicans who voted for Teddy Kennedy’s bill to force Christian employers to hire 
LGBT employees. Even John Boehner never did that!”

Alan Keyes of Americans United for Freedom says Rep. Boehner’s resignation "creates major opportunity to select an individual committed to restoring the American Republic" 
– he too is a signatory of the Fire Paul Ryan pledge. 

Ken Benway, LTC, USA (Ret.), Special Operations Speaks co-founder said "The veteran community has not forgotten the Ryan-Murray budget which targeted massive cuts to military retirement. We can not back a speaker that turned his back on the veteran community." 

The Fire Paul Ryan coalition exists to demand a conservative be selected to lead a "bottom-up" United States House of Representatives.

"We forced Boehner to step down, Cantor was defeated, and McCarthy withdrew 
 yet the Establishment continues to serve up RINO after RINO after RINO," says Ward. "If Ryan is chosen, we’ll see that he’s fired."

Constitutional Rights PAC's campaign to Fire Paul Ryan is supported by prominent conservatives including former U.S. Congressman Paul Broun, Alan Keyes, Larry Klayman, and Col. Rob Maness (Ret), Larry Ward and a growing number of organizations including American Dream Initiative, Conservative Action Fund, FreedomWatch, GatorPAC, Life & Liberty PAC, Madison Project, PatriotPAC, Political Media, Special Operations Speaks PAC, and 1776 Coalition.

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