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Congressman Joins Conservative Coalition Pledge to ‘Fire McCarthy’ if Elected Speaker of the House
Washington, DC – Former U.S. Congressman Paul Broun (R-Ga.) and a strong coalition of prominent right-leaning organizations today launched, pledging to remove Rep. Kevin McCarthy if he is chosen to replace Ohio Congressman John Boehner as Speaker of the House on October 8th.

“Having worked with Kevin McCarthy in the House, I’ll admit he’s a friendly guy,” says Rep. Paul Broun. “But we need a dramatic change in House leadership – we can’t afford to replace Speaker Boehner with someone who will continue to carry out his failed legacy, one that has been stifling conservative progress for six years.”

“McCarthy and Boehner are cut from the same establishment cloth, and if the former replaces the latter, I’m pledging to help my fellow Americans mobilize to make sure he’s fired,” says the former Congressman from Georgia. is backed by a growing number of conservatives and conservative organizations including Constitutional Rights PAC, Special Operations Speaks, FreedomWatch, Conservative Action Fund, Madison Project, PatriotPAC, Life & Liberty PAC, Alan Keyes, GatorPAC, American Dream Initiative, Political Media and others to be named later.

“We are capable of finding water on Mars, it should not be as difficult to find a conservative for Speaker,” says organizer Larry Ward, Chairman of Constitutional Rights PAC. “McCarthy will change nothing if chosen as Speaker – he’s a go-along-to-get-along politician that isn’t concerned much with principle. The American people deserve better than a nice guy.”

Col. Rob Maness, (ret) who opposed both Boehner and McConnell in his insurgent 2014 Senate bid said “We need a speaker of the house that will support a strategy based on conservative principles and winning ideas not a speaker that will support party principles and losing ideas.”

Alan Keyes of Americans United for Freedom says Rep. Boehner’s decision creates major opportunity to select an individual committed to restoring the American Republic in the House of Representatives.

“Boehner’s resignation offers an opportunity to create a national rallying point for the constituency that is anxious to preserve the sovereignty of the American people,” says Keyes. “It’s an opportunity to break the discredited mold of Washington ‘business as usual.’”

Larry Klayman of FreedomWatch said, "What is needed as speaker is not another pretty face of the establishment. Speaker Boehner spent a lot of his time getting tanned and "imbibed" at night with lobbyists. McCarthy's Hollywood/LA persona is equally superficial and compromised."

Special Operations Speaks co-founder 
Ken Benway, LTC, USA (Ret.) expressed his outrage for McCarthy's statement on Hannity last night, undermining the integrity of the Benghazi Select Committee. "McCarthy's hyper-political nature linking Hillary's poll numbers to the Benghazi Select Committee proves he is not qualified to lead the people's House. Chairman Gowdy has worked very hard to keep politics out of the Select Committee and with one misguided, ill-informed statement he has undermined that effort."

A growing number of conservative candidates challenging moderate incumbent Republicans in contested primaries are demanding that their opponents vote against McCarthy.  For example, conservative challenger Kay Daly (R-NC2) said: "I call on Renee Ellmers to oppose Kevin McCarthy's candidacy for Speaker and pledge to vote for a conservative, both in the GOP conference meeting and on the House floor."

Broun, Ward, Keyes, Maness, Klayman, Benway and other conservative leaders are pushing to prevent a “Boehner 2.0” from leading the United States Congress.

“Just like John Boehner, McCarthy scores terribly with conservatives,” says Constitutional Rights PAC’s Ward.

• FreedomWorks gave McCarthy a score of 52
• Conservative Review gave him a score of 45
• Madison Project gave him an abysmal 42.

"He scores worse than former Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who lost his own district. Conservatives haven’t forgotten this. If McCarthy is chosen, we’ll see that he’s fired.”

"Simply stated," Congressman Broun concludes, "we must have fresh, new, truly conservative leadership so the American people can see that there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats."

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